Joseph Mendoza



Joseph and his team did an excellent job in handling my case. Their hard work, skills and perseverance are second to none. A first class performance that is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend using them for all legal matters.

Keith G.

Good guy willing to help all.


Very easy to work with.


Always outstanding work.

John J.

When it comes to family law Joseph Mendoza intelligent, confident, knowledgeable, and calculated. I have had the pleasure of working with him and his paralegal Briana. They have been really easy to work with and get ahold of. I have had constant contact with them throughout my preceedings and they respond right away. I couldnt have picked a better law firm and lawyer to represent me. In the first 10 minutes Joseph Mendoza reviewed my claims and said we have a case we can win. I trusted him from there and he delivered when it counted. Integrity is what this law firm and there lawyers hold true.

Tyler Six

West, Longenbaugh & Zickerman is an outstanding law firm where they provide a variety of services. From my experience, I had to work with two (2) attorneys, Marco Costa (immigration attorney) and Joseph Mendoza (family law attorney). Both attorneys were very experienced and knowledgeable. They both addressed my problem in innovative ways.
In an environment where immigration law is constantly changing, Marco Costa always demonstrated that he is up to date with the latest immigration laws and regulations. His approach to solving problems is very clever and innovative.
All attorneys made themselves available whenever I had any questions. They definely go beyond the extra mile to help their clients.
I definitely recommend West, Longenbaugh & Zickerman Law firm.

Joseph Mendoza


Joseph Mendoza


Mr. Mendoza has been practicing in Arizona for twelve years in the areas of Family Law, Juvenile Law, Civil Litigation, Immigration Law, Landlord/Tenant, Property Law, Employment Law, and Criminal Defense. His main area of practice is Family Law.

Prior to practicing in Arizona, Mr. Mendoza was a hearing officer for the city and county of Sacramento where he heard issues on civil violations of the city and county code.

In 2008, Mr. Mendoza was recognized by VLA as Family Law Attorney of the Year. In 2009, he was recognized as one of the Top 50 Pro Bono Attorneys in Arizona by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education.

Mr. Mendoza has extensive family law and civil litigation experience in a wide variety of areas of the law. Mr. Mendoza is committed to his clients and believes in providing small firm attention in a large firm setting.

Mr. Mendoza has close ties to southern Arizona and is active in the community with his wife and two boys.

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