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I had "Gib" Zickerman represent me in a personal injury case. It was a long (three years) and hard battle. However Gib and his staff never gave up. All my medical expenses, court fees, expert witness charges, legal fees, and more were recovered with a little left over to cover for pain and suffering. Thank you Gib!

Videoby J.

I have worked with Mr. Zickerman for several years now, and he has always been the very definition of professionalism and care for the concerns of the client. He is very accessible to his clients, even during traditionally "off hours". Mr. Zickerman is very good at translating complex legal matters into plain English for the lay person. I would recommend West, Longenbaugh and Zickerman to anyone I know who needs legal representation.

Rex S.

I have had the opportunity to Workwith Mr. Zickerman for 5 years and I am so very thankful! Gib is so much more than a lawyer, right away you know your working with a high level of integrity combined with a strong passion for helping people!
Thank you Mr. Zickerman!

Aaron C Holmes

I have known Mr. Zickerman for 26 years and practiced with him on many cases. He is a tremendous advocate for his clients and is inspiration and role model for the legal community. I can think of few lawyers in Tucson who deserve a designation of AV more than Herman Zickerman.

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Family Law Attorney


Gib Zickerman

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Born and raised in New York, he moved to Tucson in January 1971. He graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook after spending two prior years at Saint Lawrence University on a football scholarship. He attended the University of Arizona College of Law and graduated 1974. Gib is a member of the American Association of Justice, the Arizona Association of Justice and previously served as a trustee.

Gib is active in the business community having owned several businesses in addition to being a senior partner in the law firm. He is a past President of the Business Information Club (BIC) and counsels new business owners on a regular basis.

Gib is married to his wife Leslie and enjoys time with his blended family of five children and eight grandchildren. A former Scout Master with the Catalina Counsel, he still keeps in contact with many of the scouts who are now adults. He is proud of the number of eagle scouts who achieved that distinguished honor while he was the scout master.

As a PADI Master SCUBA INSTRUCTOR, he has traveled the world to dive in exotic places but still enjoys the shallow dive with a new student. Experiencing the underwater world with a new diver allows him to see the beauty all over again.

An avid outdoors man, he loves taking his grandchildren on hikes, playing in streams and lakes and getting muddy with the grandkids.

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