Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer: Truck vs. Car

Truck vs. Car and the laws of physics.

Every day on the interstate big rigs and cars have to travel together. Unfortunately the laws of physics do not allow them to occupy the same place at the same time. We hear about a parallel universe but the theory does not work when a big rig moves into your lane.

Did you know that an interstate trucking company has federally mandated insurance requirements which far exceed Arizona’s $15,000 minimum requirement?

Did you know most big rigs have a “black box” which records such things as speed and time of operation and can even include route deviations? Do you know how to get that information if you are involved in a big rig incident?

Did you know driver’s logs are required and forensic analysis may be necessary to prove the log was altered or worse, filled in AFTER the collision.

We at West,  Longenbaugh, and Zickerman have handled these cases, know where the problems are buried. We can help you recover for your injuries.   Big firm representation and small firm caring brings great personal injury recoveries for our clients.

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