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What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a procedure used in resolving a dispute rather than resolving the dispute through litigation (filing of a lawsuit). Contracts frequently contain a provision requiring any dispute be submitted to arbitration and limiting or prohibiting the filing of a lawsuit.

Funny Court Cases

Stein v. Willow Beach/Colorado River Recreation Association Los Angeles County Municipal Court, Case No. SB94C02433 (1994)

Law for Objects Sticking Out of Truck

When I carry stuff that sticks out of my truck or car, do I need a red flag on it? Is it legal to carry stuff that sticks out the back or the front?
As any lawyer will tell you, it depends. IF the object sticks out the front by more than three feet, you violate the law whether there is a flag or not. A.R.S § 28-1100 If the object sticks out more than six feet off the back of a vehicle you again violate the law. NO where in the law does it say putting a flag on an object that exceeds the limits front of back, makes it legal. So if an object such as a ladder is sticking out more than the law allows, flags will not help you.
But what if it is not longer than allowed? The safest rule is put a flag on it. If at night, you may need to illuminate the end. The flag in some states must be no less than 12"X12". Since that seems to be a recognized size, I would not use anything less. Remember just because it meets the minimum legal requirement does not mean it is not a negligent act. Someone will always argue the better standard is the standard for safety.

What Happens When a Plaintiff Dies

I was recently asked what happens to a case when the plaintiff dies while the case is pending. The death of a plaintiff in a tort case ends the claim for pain and suffering but not the expense to the estate.

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