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Using Small Claims Court to Collect on a Debt


Suppose one of the following: (1) you are owed a "small" debt; (2) you entered a contract for some product for your home and it hasn't been provided or is defective; (3) you were involved in an auto accident where your only claim is damage to your vehicle; (4) you were given a bad check. These and other types of "small claims" don't warrant hiring an attorney to represent you as the cost of legal fees could equal or exceed the amount owed you. What legal remedy is available to you? You may be able to pursue your remedies in the "Small Claims Court."

Nimrod and Nino : What is the Meaning?

Recently, I was reading "A Tribute to Nino", an article beginning on page 24 of the April 2016 issue of the American Bar Journal written by Bryan A. Garner. The article was written as a tribute to Justice Antonin Scalia using Justice Scalia's preferred nickname "Nino". Bryan A. Garner is a distinguished research professor of law at Southern Methodist University, a close personal friend of and co-author with Justice Scalia on two books one of which is Reading Law.

Agreements to Get in Writing in Arizona

People, in their dealings with others, particularly in quasi or non business related agreements, tend to not reduce to writing the nature of their agreement. For example, a friend loans another friend money. Because they trust one another, and enter into an arrangement that they both believe they understand, that agreement is not written into a "contract." In Arizona, not all agreements need to be reduced to written contract form to be enforceable. However, certain agreements MUST be in writing to be enforceable. Arizona law controls which agreement must be in written form to be enforceable:

Avoiding Probate on Your Car

MVD Beneficiary Deeds: One More Tool to Help Avoid Probate

Did you know that you can designate a beneficiary who will automatically take title to your vehicle(s) upon your death without the need for probate? Arizona Revised Statutes Section 28-2055 allows a vehicle owner to make such a transfer by completing the Beneficiary designation form available through the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.

When is a Minor Charged as an Adult?

Children Charged As Adults

Common law, for quite a long time, stated that a child under the age of 14 was not capable of forming criminal intent (a guilty mind). Modern society, and the laws associated with governing society, changed. Virtually every state in America has statutes related to charging and punishing children as adults for certain crimes. The debate about charging and punishing children as adults is ongoing and the law always evolving.

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