Legal Ways to Ruin Your Holiday

Happy Holidays……………You have been sued!

What could ruin a perfect holiday: Too many things to list in this article? But here are a few tips to avoid potential liability.

  1. That swimming pool that has been ignored now that it is cold is still an attraction to a child visiting. Make sure the gate is closed and locked.
  2. If there are objects near the pool fence or gate that make it easy for a child to climb over, move them!
  3. Everyone knows of the deep fat fried turkey stories. If you are deep fat frying a turkey in boiling oil consider how far from the house you should be. Consider how easily a person can be burned AND NEVER FORGET the turkey displaces oil so do not over fill the pot.
  4. Decorations can be a hazard. For little ones there are choking hazards. For adults there are tripping hazards. And for the teenager, there is the unattended bottle of alcohol hazard.
  5. Allowing a guest to drink too much and drive is a receipt for disaster. Never allow a guest to leave if they had too much to drink. Get them a ride! You may be able to avoid a dram shop claim, but why go through that hassle.
  6. And then there is the fireplace. Before lighting it you may want to have it checked.

So with these simple reminders and truly a wish for a great holiday season, to quote an old TV show, let’s be careful out there!

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