How to Handle a Psychopath Divorce Lawyer

Is My Spouse’s Lawyer a Psychopath? Is Mine?

Recently an article has been making the rounds of the internet listing the occupations most likely to contain psychopaths. Unsurprisingly, lawyers come in second on the list. (Police officers come in seventh.) It’s not uncommon for someone in the throws of litigation to think that the lawyer on the other side is evil incarnate – litigation is emotionally and mentally hard if you’ve never been involved in it before. Lawyers, on the other hand, do this work every day and most have learned not to become emotionally entwined in it. So while the lawyers may seem cold and calculating, it may just be that they have seen your situation many times before and they deal with it much the same way a doctor may deal with a life-threatening situation they have been trained to address.

So before you leap to the conclusion that the lawyers involved are heartless beasts, determined to ruin your life and stomp out every bit of joy in the world, take a step back. Just like you wouldn’t want your doctor to be reduced to tears every time they spotted a cancerous tumor, you don’t want the attorneys involved in your case to react emotionally in your case. And just as your attorney is looking out for your best interests, your spouse’s attorney in hopefully looking out for their best interests.

But just in case, here’s a little primer on psychopathy and sociopathy.

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