Driving on a Suspended License In Arizona

Did you know that your car can be impounded by law enforcement if the person driving it has a suspended license?

There are a number of reasons a person’s driving privileges can be suspended in Arizona.  All of them result in a criminal charge of Driving on a Suspended License.   Those reasons include Driving Under the Influence, being at fault in a traffic accident which causes serious injuries or death, reckless driving, or too many driving infractions.   But even not showing up to a court hearing or having too many parking tickets can lead to a Suspended License.

 If you let someone use your vehicle, make sure you know the status of their license.   In Arizona, statute 28-3511 requires law enforcement to seize a vehicle driven by someone with a suspended license even if they are not the owner of that vehicle.   The vehicle is then held  in storage for 30 days!  The owner of the vehicle is provided a Notice of Impoundment, and can then request a hearing on the validity of the impoundment or request an early release (which is granted in very limited conditions) if done within ten days of receiving the notice.

The owner of the vehicle will have to pay towing, storage and administrative fees in order to get the vehicle back even if he or she wasn’t the person driving and causing the impoundment. The administrative fee alone is $150.00.

Given the variety of reasons a person’s license can be suspended, it is imperative that if you let others use your vehicle, you find out the status of their license. The attorneys at West, Longenbaugh and Zickerman can help answer any additional questions or resolve issues related to license suspension and impoundment.

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