Designating Care Provider for Children

Can a parent or guardian designate a person to provide for the care, custody and property of a minor child?

In Arizona, the parent or guardian may delegate to another person any or all powers regarding the care, custody and property of a minor child, except the power to consent to marriage or adoption, for a period not exceeding six months.  If the parent or guardian is on active duty in the army, navy, air force or marines, or is a member of the reserves or national guard engaged in the performance of official duties or functions, the delegation of powers cannot exceed one year.

In either circumstance, this parental or guardian delegation of authority is accomplished by a written power of attorney specifying the powers delegated.  It must be properly signed by the parent or guardian and must comply with all other legal requirements of a power of attorney.  The assistance of a qualified and licensed attorney in preparation of the power of attorney document is strongly recommended.

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