personal injury case using arbitration

Resolving Personal Injury Case Using Arbitration

By Bobbi Berry | February 5, 2018
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Personal injury claims are one of the most common cases that are litigated. Millions of people are injured […]

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Difference Paralegal vs Litigator

Difference Between Paralegal vs. Litigator

By Gib Zickerman | January 23, 2018
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Legal professionals include attorneys, legal assistants, secretaries and paralegals. In some jurisdictions, paralegals are allowed to set up […]

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Arbitration Cases

Examples of Arbitration Cases

By David West | January 16, 2018
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Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution process in which parties that have a legal dispute forego […]

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Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation

The Difference Among Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation

By Gib Zickerman | January 10, 2018
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When you feel that another individual or entity has caused you damages in some manner, you can initiate […]

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