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Why is spring a popular time for DUIs?

Plenty of Arizonians go to the bars in the winter to relieve the stress from those post-holiday blues and put up with working during what many consider to be the worst months of the year. When spring finally arrives and warmer temperatures and sunlight follows, many residents take advantage. 

What is a parenting plan?

If you are a parent beginning the divorce process, it is only a matter of time before you and your spouse must begin discussing a parenting plan. You and your spouse are required to try to create a mutually agreed upon parenting plan before your divorce is finalized.

Will your tech be a witness against you in court?

Smart devices are becoming increasingly popular. Your phone, watch, fitness tracker, jewelry, glasses, and even clothing can have tracking devices built into them. While many view this as being incredibly beneficial, allowing for increased awareness of physical fitness, others are starting to see the unintended consequences.

Tips for keeping your teen safe on prom night

If you've got a teen who's going to prom this year, you're no doubt concerned about them being on the road on a night when some high schoolers will, unfortunately, be driving under the influence -- even though they're not old enough to even legally drink. Since proms are typically on Saturday night, when most fatal accidents occur anyway, the dangers are even greater.

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