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My Husband Hit Me: What Should I do?

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"My husband hit me." A statement no one wants to make during their lifetime when they experience domestic violence. In any situation where there is a danger, your first step should be to leave the area if possible and call the police. Your goal here is to protect yourself and your family, but what do you do when you need to make a bigger decision, such as leaving your spouse?

Understand How Common It Is

The American Psychological Association states four million American women are faced with this situation - they are attacked by their male partner, sometimes resulting in injury. Considering this, it's important to recognize you are not alone. But, what should you do from here?

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is any type of violent confrontation between people living in the same home or within the same family. It can include sexual assault, physical harm, or the fear of being hurt physically. In some situations, the individual will use intimidation, psychological abuse, or threats against the other person, even if physical violence does not happen. If this sounds like something you are experiencing, take action by contacting a domestic violence attorney.

When Should You Seek Help?

Can you make this statement? "My husband hit me." Or, this one? "I'm afraid my partner will hurt me." If so, consider these questions. If you find yourself in these situations, contact an attorney for help.

  • Do you make excuses for the actions of your partner?
  • Do you fear violence against yourself or your children?
  • Are you embarrassed by your partner's control over your own behavior?
  • Do you lie for your partner's behavior, especially when asked in public?
  • Do you feel controlled by another person?
  • Do you blame yourself for the violence or abuse?

If so, a pattern of domestic abuse is evident. When possible, remove yourself from this situation. Stay with a loved one until you can get more help. Unfortunately, it is not common for a person to change. They are not likely to get better. But, you are more likely to suffer additional abuse if you do not get help now.

How Can a Domestic Violence Attorney Help You?

Working with a domestic violence attorney in Arizona may be essential. If you are suffering, seek out the support of an attorney specializing in this area. He or she will work closely with you to gather facts.

You may need to file a police report. To do so, visit the local police department and provide a statement about what happened. They will gather your information. The police will also help you to remain safe. They will inform you of your rights, too. Most often, the police will follow up with the partner and gather his or her information as well. Then, the prosecutor decides what step is next.

Your attorney works on your behalf, providing you with information and support about your options. He or she will talk to you about:

  • What steps you can take to press charges.
  • What legal options are available to you for getting a restraining order.
  • Considerations for divorce or separation.
  • Support to help you in a court of law if and when the case goes to trial.
  • Aid for estate changes and support needs.

What If You Are Not Sure?

Many women struggle with this. They believe they can just deal with it. Some are worried about the outcome. Your attorney can offer you peace of mind with the process. He or she provides you with confidential information and will never tell anyone of your presence in the court unless you ask them to do so. Take a step. Learn what your options are. Discuss your case with an attorney who can protect you.

When you need help like this, call West Longenbaugh Zickerman Attorneys at Law. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Discuss your case freely. You deserve the opportunity to improve your life.

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