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Your Legal Rights in a Head-On Collision

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Van-and-car-crash-accident.jpgThe technical definition of a head-on collision is "when the front end of one vehicle collides with the front end of another vehicle while the two vehicles are traveling in opposite directions." But this simple description doesn't tell the whole story.

Head-on vehicle accidents can be deadly! They are responsible for 13 percent of all rural fatal crashes and seven percent of all urban fatal crashes. When two cars hit each other head-on, the result is usually catastrophic or fatal. It only takes seconds when moving at a high speed for a sleepy, impaired or distracted driver to drift into the wrong lane and hit another car head-on. The aftermath affects not only the individuals in the cars, but their family and loved ones. It is a shocking and disturbing situation that requires legal and professional assistance.

Responsibility and Fault

Head-on collisions can be very complicated accidents to investigate. The majority of head-on collisions that cause death or serious injury involve the following potential causes:

  • One driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs
  • Sleep deprivation of the driver
  • The driver is distracted by texting or talking on a cell phone, eating or drinking, adjusting the radio, setting the GPS, etc.

While it is usually clear that one driver is at fault, other factors may come into play such as:

  • A manufacturing defect or design within the automobile
  • The other driver had been served too much alcohol at a bar or restaurant
  • The highway where the accident happened was under construction or had a substandard design
  • Airbags may have caused harm to the persons involved

Working with an experienced lawyer who will investigate every possible cause of the accident and search for evidence provides the best chance at recovering the optimum financial and other compensation.

Compensation Rights

Head-on collisions are devastating and can result in serious consequences, including brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and more. These injuries can be life changing and may necessitate years of medical treatment that can cost thousands of dollars.

Obtaining justice for these tragic cases requires specialized legal knowledge as well as the resources to adequately handle the drunk driving claim.

Too often large corporate insurance agents try to settle for the lowest possible amount. A competent lawyer understands how vital it is to obtain damages beyond just the medical bills and vehicle repair costs. Head-on collisions can shatter lives. So a knowledgeable attorney will work tirelessly to provide reimbursement for pain and suffering and loss of income for you and your family. They will also accompany you to court if a settlement cannot be reached.

Types of Compensation

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a head-on accident caused by the other driver, you may be able to receive monetary compensation for your losses. Many victims of head-on vehicle incidents have their lives shattered and changed forever. Many will require lifelong care. A well-trained injury attorney will fight for compensation for the enormous anticipated expenses such as:

  • Reimbursement for all current and future medical costs
  • Long-term life car
  • Ongoing rehabilitation fees
  • Home care and home environment modifications
  • Payment for the vehicle
  • Loss of wages and earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering and mental anguish
  • Punitive damages

Choosing an Attorney

In all types of collisions, it is essential that measures be taken promptly to preserve evidence, investigate the scene, and enable physicians or other expert witnesses to evaluate injuries. In addition, claims must be filed on a timely basis. To achieve the maximum financial award, choose an attorney with the knowledge and experience to hold all responsible parties accountable for your injuries and to guide you through this complex process. Don't try to handle the situation on your own.

If you have been seriously injured in a head-on collision in Arizona, our lawyers at West, Longenbaugh & Zickerman can help you navigate the complicated justice and insurance system. We are relentless in our pursuit of the truth in order to build a strong case.

At West, Longenbaugh & Zickerman we will work to get the maximum amount of money you entitled to in order to cover your physical, emotional and property costs. With over 150 years of combined experience, our attorneys are effective negotiators and aggressive trial lawyers who work hard on your behalf with personalized one-on-one service.

Our expert automobile accident attorneys are here to help individuals and families throughout Arizona. We understand this is a difficult and overwhelming time. The only thing you should be focused on is the recovery of you and your family. The caring and compassionate team at West, Longenbaugh & Zickerman is dedicated to producing the most advantageous results. You are not alone.

Visit our website and contact us immediately at (520) 790-7337 for a free initial consultation on your case to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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