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A growing number of Americans are engaging in physical activity, and that also means a greater number of Americans are getting injured while doing so. According to according to a recent study from the US Department of Health and Human Services an estimated 8.6 million sports-related injuries occurred in 2014.

Many adults are hurt every year through no fault of their own while playing in adult sports leagues, pick-up basketball games or exercising at the local gym.

Competitive high school and college athletes also face injuries, plus college students riding their bikes on campus may get hurt, and even children are prone to injuries during informal sports activities.

Sports injuries can be devastating. The data reveals that every 25 seconds, or 1.35 million times a year, a young athlete suffers a sports injury severe enough to go to the emergency room.

Sports injuries do not discriminate.  They can occur when practicing, enjoying the outdoors or playing any sport including football, wrestling, gymnastics, cheerleading or soccer.

Who is Responsible?

While Arizona schools require parents to sign a release of liability form to allow their children to participate in specific physical activities, this type of waiver does not necessarily release the school from all liability. Teachers and administrators are expected to provide a safe environment for children to play and must maintain adequate supervision.

These adults are also expected to anticipate foreseeable danger and must act to prevent injuries.

You may be due compensation and you absolutely have the right to file a lawsuit against the school district, league, sports organization, athletic entity, and/or sports league if you or a family member is injured due to negligence or unlawful activity.

Litigation may also be pursued against another player if the injury was the result of an intentional or malicious act by this participant.

Types of Sports Injuries

With its sunny days throughout the year, many runners and cyclists come to Arizona to train.  As a result, pedestrian and cyclist injuries that involve motor vehicles are not uncommon. Most of the time, the driver is at fault and should be held responsible for the injured pedestrian's injuries. A skilled personal attorney can help.

Concussion and brain injuries have become all too common in athletic activities.

This sports injury has become so serious that in Arizona, there is a list of guidelines (A.R.S. § 15-341 (24)) that schools must follow. If a school district fails to adhere and comply with these statutes, it is considered negligence. The school, the district, and others may be held liable.

The signs and symptoms of a head injury may occur immediately or develop slowly over several days. These cases are often complex and require medical expert opinions, detailed investigations and a large amount of paperwork.   A legal expert in personal injury law will help.

Obtaining Compensation

Although participating in sports is done with some known risks, monetary support may be awarded in cases that involve:

  1. Negligence such as:
    1. Improper use and care of protective equipment
    2. Failure to give sufficient rest
    3. Failing to notice signs of trauma
    4. Failure to insist on safety protocol during practice
  2. Willful or malicious conduct or intent
  3. Faulty or defective equipment

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine when to file a sports injury claim for financial compensation. A serious injury attorney will fight for your right to reimbursement and reparation for the injuries, losses, and damages and associated anticipated expenses such as:

  • Past and future medical payments
  • Ongoing rehabilitation and treatment costs
  • Potential permanent disability
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Pain and suffering and mental anguish
  • Home care and home environment modifications
  • Loss of past and future income

Treatment and Recovery

Sports injuries often require specific and targeted treatments ranging from physical therapy to medical intervention. During recovery, rehabilitation is often gradual and may last for months or even years.  The costs can build-up. In the most severe sports injury cases, surgery may be required to repair torn tissue or repair broken bones.

In all situations, treatments can be expensive.

When to Contact an Attorney

Sports injury cases can be complicated and confusing. Don't try to handle the paperwork, deadlines, and overwhelming details on your own.

With the help of a personal injury attorney, you may be able to get compensation to help recover and adjust to life after a serious injury.

A personal injury attorney will reduce your stress and provide compassion and guidance. At West, Longenbaugh, and Zickerman, we will be with you every step of the way to advise you on all important matters involving your case.

Our Tucson personal injury law firm of West, Longenbaugh, and Zickerman understands how traumatic sports injuries can be and we are here to help you with your claim. We can offer you peace of mind on your settlement so you can focus on your family and recovery.

Contact us at (520) 790-7337 today. We will help make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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