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My Rights After Being Injured by a DUI Driver in Arizona

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It's something you never want to think about; being the victim of a car accident, or even worse, being a victim of a DUI accident. It isn't a pleasant thought, but if you or someone close to you is injured in a DUI accident what can you do? What actions are available to you as a victim?

Tort Law

Because of tort law, any person who is injured by another party due to negligence or criminal action has a right to compensation for that injury. Before a claim can be made, you should ensure that the perpetrator was indeed impaired at the time of the incident. If you suspect that the person was, be sure to get the police involved to establish evidence of your case. Financial reparations are one of the routes available to you as a victim. Restitution will typically be less than the full amount that is recoverable in damages as a victim, and further damages can be sought via a personal injury claim. Personal injury is one of the most commonly talked about areas of damages, and you may also be able to attain compensation for time lost at work, trauma, or recovery damages. Even your family has rights as victims of a DUI accident, in what is called a "loss of consortium", which is essentially the time they could have spent with the victim that is now lost. The amount that can be ascertained does vary based on the severity of the injury as well as the exact jurisdiction the accident occurs in. Contacting an attorney is the best way to determine what your case can be worth.

Arizona's Dram Shop Law

Arizona also has a further action that can be taken against an institution that allowed a visibly intoxicated customer to ascertain more alcohol and subsequently operate a vehicle. This is Arizona's Dram Shop Law (ARS § 4-311 (D)), and if it can be proven entitles you to further financial compensation when an instruction has knowingly, but indirectly, contributed to a DUI accident. Arizona also enforces extremely tough DUI laws and having an attorney can help you get the most from your case.

Persons who are found guilty of DUI are subjectable to both civil liability suits and criminal charges; contacting West, Longenbaugh, and Zickerman P.L.C.C. can give you insights into your case. You may be able to obtain substantial financial compensation.

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