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Worst Auto Accidents in Arizona History

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Unfortunately, certain areas of the country are extremely prone to accidents and Arizona is no different. Understanding the accident-prone areas in Arizona and how you can avoid being catastrophically injured in such an accident is important for protecting your interests. Sadly, far too many of the worst auto accidents in Arizona have claimed the lives of one or more people involved. These have life lasting repercussions for the surviving family members.

Common Cause of Fatal Vehicle Accidents

One common cause of fatal vehicle accidents in Arizona are wrong way accidents. In fact, in recent years, fatal head-on collisions occurred three times in less than one week prompting state law enforcement officials and transportation officials to conduct an emergency meeting to discuss how to stop these deadly Arizona accidents. One way to avoid wrong way accidents is for the public to notify the police as soon as possible after witnessing someone who may be driving impaired.

Dust Storm Related Accidents 1970-Present

Every so often, a dangerous dust storms sweeps through Arizona, leaving behind a wake of destruction and damage. Drivers on the road when the storms start may not be able to avoid life-changing car crashes. You are advised to pull as far off the road as possible and shut off your light as well as take your foot off the brake so someone does not mistake your car for being on the road.

Unfortunately, a dust storm can minimize the visibility completely. A 1970 dust storm claimed 12 fatalities and a 1995 storm led to 20 injuries and 10 fatalities on Interstate-10. The area around Casa Grande is especially known for dust storms and decreased visibility. Use caution in any dust storm.

Multi-Motorcycle Collision Between 27th Drive and Carefree Highway

In 2011, a fatal Phoenix motorcycle accident happened just after noon, on a traffic light near Carefree Highway and 27th Drive. Eight motorcycles were waiting together for the light to change, when a dump truck driver came from behind and rear-ended all of them. This sent motorcycles and bodies flying through the intersection and even dragged some of the riders under the truck as it continued moving forward before stopping. Fires also occurred. Five people were killed in that accident and five others were severely injured as a result.

The sad thing about many the most fatal vehicle accidents and crashes that occur on most accident-prone areas of Arizona are that they could have been completely prevented. Given that the number of fatal car accidents in Phoenix is extremely high when compared to other US cities of similar size and population, it comes as no shock to many people that some of the most accident-prone areas and intersections within Arizona are located in or near Phoenix. In fact, in a recent analysis of the top ten deadliest cities for drivers, Phoenix came in at number three.

The city by city breakdown for fatal accidents in the metro area also shows that, Phoenix, Casa Grande, Chandler, Glendale, Maricopa, Mesa and Scottsdale are home to an alarming number of fatal accidents. The study also identified that Mesa has double the rate of elderly drivers when compared with Phoenix and National Highway Safety Administration shows that 65 is the age at which fatality accidents begin to climb significantly.

So, what is it that makes Phoenix and Arizona drivers some of the worst in the country? Recent studies by carinsurancecomparison.com and details from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, show that even though Arizona drivers are least likely to cause a fatal accident while intoxicated, they are the third most careless when sober.

State motorists in 2015, for example, killed 31 bicyclists and 151 pedestrians. The majority of Arizona's fatal accidents were caused because of a failure to obey traffic laws and greater than 13% of the fatal crashes within Arizona borders had to do with drivers who were not properly licensed.

Fatal Crashes on I-10

I-10, which runs directly through Tucson, is one of the deadliest roads in the entire country. In a recent analysis of the 100 deadliest roads in the entire nation, this busy roadway came in at number 18. There is 1 fatal accident per mile of this lengthy stretch across major Arizona cities, making it home to some the worst auto accidents in Arizona history. In the past several years, I-10 has been home to more accidents than many other major roads across the country.

Get the Help You Need After a Serious Arizona Auto Accident

If you or someone you know has already been involved in a life changing vehicle accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation with the help of an experienced injury lawyer.

When a devastating auto accident happens in Arizona, the costs associated with recovery may be high. The right legal team needs to be assembled immediately to recover as much as possible of the compensation due to victims. Knowing that you have expert witnesses working hard on your behalf and illustrating the severity of your injuries is vital. Even if your crash may not be categorized as one of the worst in Arizona history, it can change your life in dramatic ways if you're the one suffering from injuries.

West Longenbaugh Zickerman PLLC is on hand to help with your adjustment to life post-accident. If your AZ auto accident was caused by another's negligence, you can't afford to wait to schedule a consultation. Call 520-790-7337 today.

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