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Defective Vehicle Parts That May Cause Crashes

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In the wake of a serious vehicle accident, it's often overwhelming to try to figure out what went wrong. The entire experience might seem like a blur and the physical injuries you have suffered may make it difficult or impossible to remember what truly happened to cause this situation. If you ultimately discover that a defective vehicle part caused your critical injuries, you may be eligible to pursue a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

Grounds for a Defective Vehicle Parts Injury Claim

There are several different methods by which you can pursue a defective vehicle part claim, and your decision to come forward may make other consumers aware of deadly parts inside their cars. Therefore, filing a product liability lawsuit because of defective vehicle parts may empower you to recover maximum compensation for the injuries you have already sustained, and hold a negligent part developer responsible for their actions. While the vast majority of vehicle accidents in the United States are still caused by driver error, a substantial and increasing number each year are actually caused by defective vehicle parts or equipment.

You may be able to recover your losses if this has happened to you. Some of the most common types of losses that can be recovered include damage to property, medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. Product liability claims typically arise due to three types of allegations. These are defective manufacturing techniques, failure to warn and defective design. Defective manufacture involves claims that have to do with a product that is made in such a manner that it is unreasonably dangerous to use as intended. Improper assembly, substandard materials, inappropriate workmanship or other manufacturing errors may apply.

Claims based on defective design have to do with an inherently dangerous design within the product that makes it unsafe for use as intended. Unstable airbags or brake pads are common examples of defective vehicle parts tied to problematic design. Finally, consumers may be eligible to pursue a product liability claim based on failure to warn. This may also be referred to as defective marketing and these claims come about when a hard to spot danger posed by a consumer product could easily be mitigated by making the consumer aware of the dangers.

In addition, these claims can move forward under various theories such as breach of express or implied warranties, strict liability or negligence. The exact legal theory that will ultimately be used in your injury case will have to do with the specifics of your circumstances, which is why it is recommended that you consult with an experienced Arizona defective vehicle parts immediately.

Although cars are very complicated machines that are updated with new safety features on a regular basis, some of the most common kinds of defects that cause motor vehicle accidents can endanger the lives of everyone inside the car and even cause multi-car pile ups that kill other victims. In recent years, a broad number of reports and lawsuits have emerged due to claims of defective vehicle parts. The number of vehicles recalled by international and national manufacturers, for example, has surged in the wake of airbag problems, steering failure and more.

Some of the most common kinds of defective vehicle parts that have caused critical accidents in recent years include:

  • Brake failure
  • Steering mechanism failure
  • Windshield wiper mistakes
  • Airbags

Like any motor vehicle accident, those caused by defective vehicle equipment can lead to serious injury; sometimes debilitating complications may affect the patient for the remainder of his or her life. Some of the most severe injuries tied to defective vehicle part accidents include concussions, burns, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, neurological injuries, contusions and accidental amputations. Fortunately, for those individuals who suffer in defective vehicle part accidents, they may be empowered to file a legal claim with the help of an experienced attorney.

Do You Really Need an Attorney for a Defective Part Claim?

The right lawyer is necessary for compiling an injury claim and recovering maximum compensation. While it may be overwhelming to broach this subject on your own, having an attorney in your corner who has handled many cases like this in the past, will give you a greater sense of what is required and how to best protect your interests going forward. If you feel like you've lived through a terrible auto accident in Arizona and want someone to help you with maximum recovery in your claim, call our team today.

There's no doubt that your life has been forever changed because of such a serious vehicle incident, but a defective vehicle parts manufacturer may be held liable for the injuries you have suffered. Putting together a compelling claim for maximum compensation begins with gathering evidence at the scene of the accident and consulting with a medical professional to identify the diagnosis for your injuries. After this point, finding the right attorney who will fight for you in court is necessary.

Talking to the talented team at West Longenbaugh Zickerman PLLC can put you on the right path with your defective vehicle part claim. Call our lawyers today to schedule a consultation at 520-790-7337.

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