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Uninsured and underinsured claims

Why would I need a lawyer if my injury claim is for uninsured or uninsured coverage with my own carrier?

Because they are not your friend!

Most people feel that their own carrier will treat them fairly if they are injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Most people believe this insurance is there to protect them when the other person has no insurance or is under insured. The purpose of the insurance is to protect them. The carrier however, does not always see it the same way.

To begin with, if you fail to demonstrate it is the other person's negligence, they can deny your claim. If they argue you were partly at fault they will deny or reduce your claim. If you had any pre-existing injury or medical problem, they will say it is not part of the claim.

A classic example is a person gets involved in a collision with an uninsured person. You will have to prove they are uninsured. Sometimes it is easy, they admit it. Sometimes they produce an insurance card but it expired or lapsed because of non-payment. You have to prove there is no insurance. Sometimes your own carrier will have that information but won't share it. You need to know how to get it.

Next, you have to prove that the medical care was both reasonable and necessary. Just because you carry say $50,000/$100,000 does not mean you get the $50,000 just because there was a collision. Automobile accidentcases require proof that the care received for the alleged injuries is both necessary and reasonable. Personal Injury Lawyers know how important it is to relate the injury to the care and how to value the case from your point of view, Remember, the adjuster is not your friend. They may seem so nice but actually they simply want to resolve the matter for as little as possible.

One way the carrier tries to reduce your recovery is to argue over treatment for the injury caused by the automobile collision. As an example, the carrier is quick to say treatment by a Chiropractor for more than 3 or 4 weeks is not necessary. The carrier often says the bill from the doctor was too high for the service or that it is above what is normal and customary. The Personal Injury Lawyer knows how to defeat these arguments.

So even if it is your own carrier, be aware they are not your friend!

Offering Big Firm Representation with Small Firm Caring, we at West, Longenbaugh and Zickerman have represented many clients who thought their own carrier would treat them fairly. Injuries and medical bills can be devastating. Do not let your accident ruin your future. Retain a personal injury lawyer to protect you from your own insurance carrier.

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