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Naming Your Beneficiary

Most of us are familiar with naming beneficiaries in our life insurance policies. When you initially acquire life insurance, you will be asked to name a beneficiary or beneficiaries [the person(s) who will receive the proceeds of the insurance upon your death]. When was the last time you checked who you named to receive the life insurance proceeds at your death? Frequently, after initial acquisition of the insurance policy, it is "tucked away" and not reviewed for many years. Intervening circumstances may have occurred which warrant a change of beneficiaries such as marriage, dissolution of marriage, birth of children, death of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. You should not rely on your memory; instead, contact the insurance company and verify the present beneficiaries.

Agreements to Get in Writing in Arizona

People, in their dealings with others, particularly in quasi or non business related agreements, tend to not reduce to writing the nature of their agreement. For example, a friend loans another friend money. Because they trust one another, and enter into an arrangement that they both believe they understand, that agreement is not written into a "contract." In Arizona, not all agreements need to be reduced to written contract form to be enforceable. However, certain agreements MUST be in writing to be enforceable. Arizona law controls which agreement must be in written form to be enforceable:

Avoiding Probate on Your Car

MVD Beneficiary Deeds: One More Tool to Help Avoid Probate

Did you know that you can designate a beneficiary who will automatically take title to your vehicle(s) upon your death without the need for probate? Arizona Revised Statutes Section 28-2055 allows a vehicle owner to make such a transfer by completing the Beneficiary designation form available through the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.

Important Considerations When Using Senior Placement Services

For seniors and their families confronted with finding an appropriate place for the senior to live, referral/placement services can be an invaluable resource. These referral/placement services are like personal shoppers, who help their clients sort through all the issues involved in finding the right placement. They will assess the social and physical needs of the family member and determine what type of facility he or she can afford that will meet as many of those needs as possible. In most circumstances, this type of service is free to the family, as the consultant receives a commission or "finders fee" directly from the facility. Other companies may charge a flat fee on top of the commission in order to provide additional services, including later follow up to insure the placement is a good fit.

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