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Can I Provide Care for My Pets After My Death?

Many of us own pets and consider them important, and in many instances, essential to our happiness and well-being. We form personal relationships with our pets and the loss of a pet can be a tragic event. However, have you considered, how your pet(s) would react to your death and the loss of your companionship? Have you considered making plans for the care of your pet(s) in the event of your death? As lovers of pets, shouldn't we consider these questions?

When is a Minor Charged as an Adult?

Children Charged As Adults

Common law, for quite a long time, stated that a child under the age of 14 was not capable of forming criminal intent (a guilty mind). Modern society, and the laws associated with governing society, changed. Virtually every state in America has statutes related to charging and punishing children as adults for certain crimes. The debate about charging and punishing children as adults is ongoing and the law always evolving.

Property Line Dispute

Can my neighbor build a wall that cuts off my ingress and egress?

Land disputes are constant and some of the most contentious in the legal field. Since "good fences make good neighbors" was written, people have forgotten that the fence was actually on the property line not where ever they wanted to put it.

Retirement Accounts Impacted by Divorce

Dividing the Loot - Retirement Accounts

Recently, after reading a blog post here about the Van Loan formula, someone wrote to ask how a retirement account would be divided up in a divorce and whether there was a form or calculator that could be used to do this. Like most answers given by lawyers, the answer is "It depends" and "Be very careful."

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a procedure used in resolving a dispute rather than resolving the dispute through litigation (filing of a lawsuit). Contracts frequently contain a provision requiring any dispute be submitted to arbitration and limiting or prohibiting the filing of a lawsuit.

Divorce App

There's An App for That

Yes, there is an app for getting divorced. Actually, there are several. I can't say that I've used or reviewed any of them, but if you are tempted, remember a couple of things before typing in your Apple ID to purchase one:

Widow Real Estate Tax

As a widow/widower, can the real estate taxes on my residence be reduced?

As a widow/widower, can the real estate taxes on my residence be reduced?

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