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Eyewitness testimony has limits, especially across racial lines

One of the oldest principles in criminal justice is the power of eyewitness testimony. Before forensic evidence came into its own, it was one of the only ways for victims and bystanders to identify an alleged criminal. And to this day, juries are still heavily swayed when prosecutors present witnesses claiming that the defendant was the person they saw committing the crime.

Eyewitness testimony seems both straightforward and highly reliable. Unfortunately, it is neither of these things. Studies have shown that people who are either victims of a crime or witnesses to one have a very difficult time correctly identifying the suspect later on – even if they claim to be highly confident in their choice. The problem is amplified when the witness and the alleged criminal are of different races.

What are the benefits of a living will for your parents, yourself

Death is an unpleasant topic when we consider it for our parents. Some find it unthinkable when we consider it for ourselves. Yet death is inevitable and it may not come in the way we would wish.

That’s why states like Arizona allow living wills – advance directives that tell doctors, hospitals and your relatives how you or someone you love wants medical care in case of terminal illness, coma, dementia or if the end of life is near.

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